eBay Motors Scams

eBay Motors Scams

If you find any scams through your transactions through eBay Motor, you can contact the customer service team through either a telephone number or email service. When you making transactions with eBay Motors, you will be automatically get the benefit of eBay's vehicle protection program that offers protection up to $50,000 in vehicle purchase protection and free vehicle history report. This program covers only certain type of transactions accomplished on ebay.com. If a non e-bay seller promises this protection plan, that can be almost certainly a scam and you should walk away. To avoid eBay Motors Scams, you can consider buying tips and warning signs which can all customers can keep in mind when making any purchase online.

Warning Signs

The warning signs included essential points such as vehicle should be advertised what it is worth and appears too good to be true apparently. That means criminals will make the vehicle very appealing and sell at low price than it's affordability. Generally, seller pushes for speedy completion of the transaction or payment method and requests payment through a service or method that can put the money in their hands quickly. The common payment methods like Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer, RELoad credit card, eBay gift card, GreenDot, OneVanilla card, and more. The legitimate purchases can be done through whether credit card, PayPal, Money Order, Bill Me Later, Cashier's check, financial loans, or personal check.

 Direct bank transfers and wire transfers may also offered by sellers and make a note that these payment methods very helpful to recognize or inspect the vehicle in person before sending the money. If it is in the case of scams, seller may not be available to meet due to special circumstances such as seller is being deployed by the military or death in a family or work on a boat or out of town. The fact is that legitimate sellers are motivated and make every effort to meet the potential buyers immediately. If the assigned or allocated seller may not available to meet the specific buyer, it will designate another seller to show the vehicle on their behalf. Private seller provides free shipping to the vehicle to you whereas eBay Motors Scams or criminals tell that they may access to transportation resources. 

On ebay.com, you're the responsible for picking up the vehicle or hiring a shipping company. Some eBay Motors Dealers give you a chance to use free shipping on their website. eBay Motors offers vehicle purchase protection for transactions which are start and completed through ebay.com and it doesn't hold eBay payments or extend protection for non-ebay conducted payments. You're required to remember one note that the only way to purchase a vehicle on eBay Motors is by logging into your account through user id or email address and password. Oftenly, criminals want you to lure into feeling safe by disguising their websites and emails. You can recognize the email scams based on its content including poor grammar, broken english or other distinguishing errors.