eBay Motors Fees

eBay Motors Fees

In general, eBay Motors Fees are varied for parts & accessories and automotive tools & supplies. The changing of fees will be relied on how many vehicles that you sell in a calendar year. If you're submitted 6 or fewer vehicle listings each calendar year, the seller can be considered as low-volume seller. Alternatively, high volume seller can be considered when you've submitted 7 or more vehicle listings for each calendar year. Once you become a high-volume seller, you're permanently a high-volume seller and high-volume selling fees may apply.

How Fees are Calculated

eBay Motors Fees can be estimated based on categories like basic fees and optional fees. Basic fees included insertion fee and successful listing fee. For listing of a vehicle, you may be charged a listing fee and you're charged one insertion fee per listing if applicable. Once your vehicle is sold out, the company can be charged a successful listing fee. This can be applicable when you receive a bid on an auction-style listing without a reserve price or receive a bid that meets your reserve price on an auction-style listing with a reserve price or accept a best offer. The charges of successful listing fee is depending on low-volume or high-volume seller and vehicle price.

No additional fees will be charged on the actual sale of the vehicle after it sells. Optional fees subsuming advanced listing upgrade fees and supplemental service fees. If you add advanced listing upgrades to your listing, fees may apply. Whereas for supplemental service fees, charges associated with these services may be included your seller's invoice as fees. The listing fees for low-volume sellers subsumed free insertion fees and successful listing fee is based on vehicle's price for eBay Motors vehicles such as cars, trucks, commercial trucks, RVs & campers, powersports under 50cc, motorcycles, trailers, boats, and all other vehicles. The insertion fee of $50 is applicable for cars, trucks, commercial trucks, and RVs & campers if you're a high-volume seller. $20 insertion fee is for motorcycles, powersports, trailers, and boats.

eBay has a number of subscription programs for licensed vehicle dealers. National vehicle subscription allows the sellers to pay a subscription fee for each month which is included on your seller invoice. The subscription benefits included there are 4 subscription fees Gold, Bronze, Silver, and Platinum. The company offers you two subscription durations such as 3-month and yearly. These fees may apply for early termination of your subscription. For free insertion fees listing, it will apply terms and conditions including a calendar month starts at 12.00 am on the first day of each month and ends at 11.59 pm pacific on the last day of the each month. Fees for optional advanced listing services and upgrades still apply if you use them. You can change or modify the national vehicle subscription program by contacting the eBay Motors customer service team through a telephone number or email service. Motors local market listings are for dealers with a local market subscription. Insertion fees and other listing fees apply to each listing that you create and are non-refundable. All listing upgrades are not available with every listing tool and not all advanced listing upgrades when purchased.